eric humphries
"I hope that when you view my art, you
are sobered by the realization that
people really were harmed in the making
of these paintings..."
                 -Eric Humphries
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Wartime Letters from My Father
Unfortunate Son is the latest series of paintings by Oklahoma
artist Eric Humphries. The six canvas series centers around a
group of letters written home by the artist's father, who served
in the Vietnam War in 1969. The exhibit combines six four foot
by four foot canvases along with personal mementos and
photographs to tell the story of one of the most divisive times
in American history.
You can view Unfortunate Son at these venues in 2013
May 1 - May 31, 2013 Metropolitan Library, Midwest City, OK
June 1- June 30, 2013 Ralph Ellison Library, OKC, OK
July 1 -July 31, 2013 Norman Public Library, Norman, OK
February 1- February 28, 2014 AKA Gallery, OKC, OK
Unfortunate Son
Current Exhibit: